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With over 22 years of knowledge, involvement and experience in organizing journeys to Cuba, we can coordinate every feature of your trip. We operate our People-to-People Educational Exchange Programs in compliance with OFAC Cuba Regulations – 12 Categories of Authorized Travel to Cuba. We have a diverse collection of custom inspired People-to-People explorations in Cuba tours to choose from. Our architectural, historical and educational staff are Cuban experts that offer in-depth interchange through one-on-one encounters that explore a comprehensive assortment of cultural disciplines.


As guest from all over the world come to Cuba's historic urban centers attracted by its enduring cultural values, you too can - as American Citizens can still legally travel to the island under the current OFAC regulations. From the very first contact with the client, INVICTA Group Services provides all the details needed for an amazing and legal trip. Exclusive specialized People-to-People Educational Exchange Programs, tailor-made itineraries and private tours among other services characterized our amenities, which not only allows our guest via our tours to discover the architectural treasures of the island but the intense cultural life of the country. As an expert on this modality, our agency goes beyond the old walls of the historic center of Havana; alluring our guest to other patrimonial cities on the island, presenting the opportunity to explore the diversity and development of local social- cultural community projects.  




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